Hello, my name is Andrew Goldis.
I am a software engineer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I love web development and coffee.


Learn by Contributing
Contributing to open source projects helps you to improve your professional skills and discover new opportunities.
Quitting Amazon 5 months after started
Honest story about my attempt to build an engineering career at Amazon.
Face uncertainty by decoupling Redux state
Deep dive into architecting a flexible Redux store that survivies uncertainties.
How to document source code responsibly
Opinionated approach on documenting and comments in source code.
Nested BackboneJS Models
Deep dive into complexities of composing BackboneJS models.

Open source projects and contributions

Webpack plugin that allows to configure path or URL for fetching dynamic imports.
20k+ monthly downloads
An open-source, on-premise, self-hosted alternative to cypress dashboard.
A curated list of open source projects that you can learn from.
React documentation website in Russian
React documentation website in Russian / Официальная русская версия сайта React ru.reactjs.org
React Vancouver Meetup slides
Slides and transcript of a talk I have given on React Vancouver meetup.